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On behalf of the Lukenya University Management Board, Senate, Staff and Students and on my own behalf, I wish to congratulate the Graduands of 2021. You have made us proud since you have put our name on the map as we are watched from different parts of our beloved country and beyond.

I wish to convey profound appreciation to your parents, guardians and sponsors for having sacrificed a lot to see that you achieve your life dreams. Graduations all over the world are marked with a lot of excitements and celebrations. Sometimes, people are submerged into these ceremonies forgetting the main purpose of the event. I see graduands taking photos to capture the memorable occasion. After the ceremony, the reality comes back in a big way. Parents wait eagerly to see the outcome of their investment over the years while graduands wait patiently at home hoping that miracles will happen.

My dear graduands, today’s graduation theme of building a culture of entrepreneurship founded on skilled manpower is a true testimony that in life, much more can be accomplished by utilizing the skills that you have been taught in lecture halls to make a difference in life. It would be wrong if you wait for someone else to define your destiny. Please grab every opportunity that comes your way for the betterment of humanity.

Immediately after this event, all graduands will become part of our alumni community. The benefits of being alumni of Lukenya University are enormous. Leaving Lukenya University as a student doesn’t imply that you lose connection with us. We will still call upon you to participate in networking events, engage you in marketing of university programs, become a mentor or mentee for our continuing students, volunteer for important causes or come back for further studies so as to inspire the next generations of future leaders.

Congratulations for this incredible achievement, and I wish you all the best in your life endevours. 

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