Pro Chancellor

Dr. Prakash Madhavdas Heda, EBS, OGW

Sector : Orthopaedics
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
The Nairobi Hospital
Nairobi ( KENYA)

Ancestry: Borawad, Rajasthan (INDIA)
Birthplace: Wardha, Maharashtra (INDIA)
Residence: Nairobi ( KENYA), Nagpur (INDIA)

One excursion that changed his life

Prakash was  born on  20 August 1946 to Rukhmini devi and Madhavdas Heda. He was second among six siblings after his elder sister Malti.

He studied at the only government school in the village. Marathi, Madhyamik Shala, which was only till grade 7. Sports interested him more than academics, and he often skipped classes to play or participate in the community functions such as Ganesh Utsav and Durga Pooja.

Though with age he grew sincere towards acadmrics too, interest for community service never faded. Looking at his love for education, his parents sent him to his maternal grandparents place in Washim, Maharashtra, where he attended a government school until 1962. 

Whether it was the maturity that comes with age or the change or some lessons from his maternal grandparents is not known, but Prakash was a changed student here. He studied hard and also became the school captain.

Prakash had started dreaming of being a reputed engineer, to realise his goals he joined Engineering College in Vidisha, but one excursion to a medical college in 1964 changed his mind. He left Engineering to enroll for MBBS at Government Medical College and Hospital, University  of Nagpur, and later moved to Bombay to earn a post-graduate diploma and degree in Orthopedic Surgery from Bombay University

He earned a master’s degree in Orthopedic Surgery, FICA certificate from Fellow International College of Angiology and FICS from Fellow International College of Surgeons in the USA.

After college in 1971, he joined JJ Hospital and G.S.Medical College, Bombay, as a houseman­ registrar as a post graduate student starting at Rs112 a month and worked at various hospitals in Bombay until 1979, the  last as the Chief of Orthopaedic  department at E.S.T.S Hospital in Andheri, Bombay. He was the youngest consultant there.

He has also been the Federation Secretary of Africa for the International College of Surgeons (USA), Regional Secretary of Africa for the International Association for Accident & Traffic Medicine (Turkey) and In-charge of the East Africa Chapter of the World Orthopaedic Concern (UK). With this, he has also served as the Chairman of the Standards and Ethics Committee, elected Board Member at  the Nairobi Hospital and Vice Chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee.

He also started a health club at Washim, Maharashtra and helped in building Maheshwari  Bhavan (social multipurpose hall) in his village Garhwa, Manora. Prakash has always had a very special place for the Marwari community in his heart. He loves to contribute to the development of his community. 

He always says, “We all should concentrate on prevention, maintenance and promotion of our rich culture and heritage by improving related infrastructure, industries and security to well come global tourist.” He has initiated a programme named Spring Board through which he supports the deserving candidates to live their dreams.

All Roots of Goodness Lie in the Soil of Appreciation of Goodness

He continues to do charity work both in the medical  and the community space and awards till date bestowed for service and excellence to name a few include:

  • G.W. “The Order of Grand Warrior of  Kenya”
  • B.S.“Elder of the Order of Burning Spear”

Both above conferred by then President, H.E. President Daniel T. Arap Moi, C.G.H..MP, President, & Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kenya.


  • Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Awardee 2019 – by H.E. Ram Nath Kovind, President of India at Varanasi in acknowledgement of outstanding achievement in the field of Medical science and in recognition of valuable contribution in promoting the honour and prestige of India and in fostering the interests of Overseas Indians.
  • Goodwill Ambassador for Peace and The Golden rule International Award – for Interfaith peace- building initiative and winning the hearts of the poorer of the poor, Equally high and mighty.
  • Doctorate of Professorship Awardby United Graduate College and Seminary International, USA.

The motherland, India, has also bestowed him with similar honors for outstanding service and

Not over looking  or foregoing  the opportunities to serve India as well.

  • Bar Achiever 2011by lndo –African Chamber of Commerce and industries, Mumbai
  • Hind Ratan 2012 – by Non-Resident Indians Welfare Society of lndia, New Delhi
  • Global Visionary Award 2015 – by World Vision Foundation, Ahmedabad, India
  • Global Nagpuri Star Award 2019 – by Nagpur First Foundation Nagpur Maharashtra, India
  • Heda Ratn 2020 – by Akhil Bhartiy Heda (Maheshwari) Saghatan ( All India Heda Association ) at Shirdi – India

        Change the World with Giving Heart

  He is also a “Member” of International Roll       Ball  Federation medical commission. He is also known and recognized by his white safari suit.

His service, above professional gain or growth, has always been towards  humanity, irrespective of any borders, physical, financial or generational and he continues on with no less steam than when he began.

As an Indian Ambassador to Africa

Continuing to give selflessly is how Prakash represents India in Africa. He has climbed from life member, trustee, and board members to patron on various social organizations in Kenya and India. 

As the Chairman (patron) of Hindi Samiti, he has been promoting Hindi language and eagerly works towards a strong relationship between India and Kenya. Presently, he is the patron of Hindi Samiti and Maharashtra Mandal, Nairobi. He was a key figure to take the Jaipur Foot Project to East Africa.