Lukenya Cultural Week Festival

The Lukenya University fraternity held its annual Culture Week from Monday 25th to Saturday 30th March 2024.

The event followed the 10 Million Trees Marathon that had taken place on 24th March 2024. The Lukenya culture week event is meant to educate, entertain, share ideas and allow participants to compete in different disciplines.

The theme for this year’s event was; Fostering Green Philosophy through Culture and Talent

The festival – commonly known as, The Lukenya Culfest, has been running since 2018. Each year, the festival gets better, more encompassing and captivating. As a tradition, the events of this year’s cultural event were built on previous experiences, making it bigger and livelier.

The festival has always run on its principles of promoting talent in diversity, conserving the environment and creating awareness on climate changes, preserving culture and respecting divergent cultural aspects as well as imparting knowledge through sharing of cultural skills from across the country and beyond.

The events began with the environmental day, cleaning and planting trees in the environment and reaching out to the neighboring communities by distributing trees.

Throughout the week there were different exhibitions of dress codes, from official, casual, sportswear as well as TBT wear. Here is a snippet;

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All afternoons were characterized by different sporting activities notably, football, handball, netball, rugby, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, lawn tennis, badminton, chess etc.

The finale of the festival had exhibitions by various Kenyan communities, especially on ways of making and preserving food and medicine as well as talks on traditional cultural lifestyles.

The Maa community were overall winners in this category.

Later that night there were competitions in singing, rapping, dancing, spoken word, poetry as well as exhibitions of drawings, paintings and cultural artefacts. The climax of the event was the beauty pageantry that attracted 14 contestants.

The competition was stiff but at the end of the night, Emmaculate Wavinya and David Urandu were crowned Miss. and Mr. Lukenya respectively.

Guests who attended the festival asked participants to use art and tradition to change the world-to make it a better place for future generations.

The events calendar

The event took place for a whole week from Monday 25th to 30th March, 2024. Each day had its own uniqueness with different activities lined up that culminated in the finals on Saturday the 30th of March.

The calendar of events is as shown below;







  1. Environmental Day- tree planting, cleaning and reaching out to neighbouring communities by distributing trees.
  2. Professional wear (all day)
  3. Sports in the afternoon (after classes)







  1. Casual wear (smart casual dressing)
  2. Sports in the afternoon




  1. Color clashing/mixing clothing
  2. Sports in the afternoon (after classes)




  1. TBT- going back in time- clothing fashionable in the 60s to 90s.
  2. Sports in the afternoon (after classes)




  1. Exhibition of artefacts, drawings, paintings, pictures and marketing material
  2. Competitions of own compositions of chants, poetry, music and special talents
  3. Corporate colors- dressing in University corporate clothing or colors- green white and yellow.




  1. Exhibition of artefacts, drawings, paintings, pictures and marketing material
  2. Exhibition and adjudication of traditional foods.
  3. Adjudication of traditional dances and performances
  4. Sports-Morning (6-11) Marathon
  5. Afternoon, 2-4 pm, other sports
  6. Evening performances of traditional dances and beauty pageantry.
  7. Speech by guest speaker and other invited guests.
  8. Awarding ceremony
  9. Dressing
    Day – sportswear,
    Evening – African wear.