Campus life

Lukenya University has an active leisure and recreation portfolio which students find exciting. We believe that your education goes well beyond your coursework and degree from Lukenya University, for we believe in holistic education. Extracurricular activities can form a vital part of your experience here at Lukenya University and we want to be part of your comfort on campus, creating unique opportunities for friendship and learning, so as to make your training at Lukenya memorable as well as those who come to visit you. We believe that your activities complement your studies.

Your commitment level is entirely up to you. Music and drama are well catered for within the University, whether you enjoy watching or participating yourself. Most Schools/Faculties at the University have an active life, including the famous Lukenya University Drama and Choir Club. The Talent Royal Club also organises talent nights in various areas including stand up comedy and music.

Students Centre

The Lukenya University Students Centre is the hub of students’ life and activities on Campus. You can catch up with friends at the Student Centre that is home to various activities including indoor games, quiz nights, movie nights, concerts, dancing competition and much more social events that are targeted for students. The student centre is a perfect place for socializing and relaxing with friends after classes, over a glass of juice or soda. There are many programs which include drama and music performances and concerts organized by the drama club and various talent clubs such as Talent Royal Club which showcases the work of our students.

Games and Sports

We believe that students need to participate in games and sports as competition and also for leisure. We believe that sport is a fun way to bond with fellow students and make friends too. Players are welcome to join teams in sports they are interested in. Most teams train from Monday to Friday at the main sports ground under supervision of various coaches led by our sports tutors. The teams compete in tournaments once or twice a month. We also send teams to various national and international tournaments where universities are competing. If you are interested in joining one or two teams, go for one of the training sessions or contact the team captains to get the experience. We have arrangements for students to purchase playing kits and track suits, but the costs are not part of fees.

Female players are especially encouraged to participate no matter the level of experience, just go have fun at the sports ground.

We labour for the benefit of the future generation

Postera Crescam Laude

Healthcare Services

Lukenya University has a fully operational clinic established in the University. All students, both government sponsored and privately sponsored are eligible for treatment. There is a small medical fee paid as part of fees which is paid by all students and which is used cater for the services provided at the clinic.

The University Clinic provides health care services which include curative, preventive as well as rehabilitative services to staff and students. The Clinic keeps medical records of staff and students and also advises the University on health matters affecting staff and students. The Clinic, which is an outpatient facility, attends to both students and staff (together with their dependants) at the Main Campus. The clinic is fully manned by qualified, competent, experienced staff for health of all cadres. For emergency referrals and transfers, the University has understanding with relevant service providers.