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The Bachelor of Education, B.ED (ECE) curriculum, is designed to produce ECE teachers to address the shortage of ECE teachers at this level. This programme will prepare graduates, with a particular emphasis on rural and regional needs, for a career as ECE teachers.

The proposed degree programme will provide education theory to teach ECE at primary schools, teacher training Colleges and other levels of education in line with respective policies in Kenya, Eastern Africa Community members states and globally.  It will be able to produce individuals who will mitigate the challenges that are envisaged in a number of blue-prints and policy documents such at Paper No.1 of 2005 and Sessional Paper No. 14 of 2012.  Also the programme will contribute to actualizing the optimal teaching capacity cadre in the Kenyan schools.

The Bachelor of Education (ECE) course is designed to give graduates a strong foundation in the areas of Educational Management, Psychology, Foundations of Education, Curriculum Development and the necessary teaching skills to be effective teachers at the school level. Along with the teaching skills acquired in the education units, this curriculum will prepare students to be effective and innovative teachers. The programme seeks to equip the student teacher with relevant teaching skills needed in designing and implementing programmes that meet the individual, professional, institutional, county, national and global educational needs today and in the near future.

In addition to the minimum University admission requirements, applicants for the programme must have:

  • A C+ in KCSE  OR
  • A diploma in ECE from a recognized institution.

Credit Transfer

  • A student who has taken a similar programme in an accredited University may be allowed to transfer credits to similar units of the programme up to a maximum of 48% of the total units.
  • No credit transfer shall be allowed for grades below C or a GPA of 2.0 on a GPA scale of 1-4.
  • Credit transfers shall only be granted within the first and second years of study.  No credit transfers shall be granted in the third year of study.
  • The student records shall officially be communicated between the Universities.
  • The student must undertake the teaching practice under the University he or she intends to graduate from.
  • Where a student is to transfer a course with a pre-requisite, such a pre-requisite must have been covered at the University where the student is transferring from.
  • The student shall be required to transfer all credits attained at the University where he or she is transferring from.
  • All common courses for the programme must be taken by the student in the University he intends to graduate.

Programme Duration and Fees

Programme Start Dates

Every January, May and September