Cultural week 2020

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The annual L.U cultural week for the year 2020 is going on, as the 4th edition, the students and staff are taking lead in a colorful week marked by highlighting the various cultures that are present in the university community.

The management led by the Vice CHANCELLOR, Prof. Constantine Nyamboga fully supports and recognizes the cultural week as an important activity that fosters unity among the diverse University community and exposes students to the diverse cultures in our African setting.

Events included; Sports,Traditional Dances, traditional food, traditional music, traditional dress, customs and norms and other genres of music and dance. Communities represented in this year’s events; Luo, Akamba, Luhya, Kikuyu, Ameru, Swahili, Kisii, Masaai, Somali, Giriama, Nandi, Kipsigis, and others.

The week culminated in the Saturday 7th March 2020 finale, where sporting competitions, traditional foods, beauty pageants, and dances will be held.