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Kenya has as an emerging economy is faced with demographic crisis where we have a high number of trained manpower but few employment opportunities. There is therefore an urgent need for universities to develop programmes geared towards mobilizing community towards alternative employment.

For Kenyan economy to grow and meet the needs for all its manpower, development will have to be encouraged at community level. Hence this programme is geared towards achieving the very same objective especially in the lower Eastern Kenya and upper coast regions. Community Development degree is particularly important at Kibwezi in-order to trigger maximum utilization of natural resources in abundance yet the population suffer from abject poverty. To address this, the community seeks education that equips them with the tools necessary to tackle the challenges of development. A degree in Community Development is designed to fill the knowledge gap and contribute to a developed society.

Admission into the Bachelor of Community Development programme will be subject to the general regulations of Lukenya University. Specifically, those intending to seek admission for the programme will be expected to meet the following criteria:

  1. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) grade C+ or its equivalent.
  2. Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE) level with at least two principal passes or its equivalent;
  3. A diploma in Community Development from  a recognised Universities and Colleges with a minimum of a credit pass
  4. Holders of a Bachelor’s degree from Lukenya University or from any other recognized university.


Poverty alleviation is at the forefront of many economic organization and forum globally and nationally in an attempt to spur economic development from grassroots communities. The approach aims at reducing dependency by empowering local stakeholders to enhance their self-confidence and reliance. Community Development degree is offered in a number of universities in Kenya. In that regard, BA Community Development of LUKENYA UNIVERSITY is designed to equip community players with knowledge, skills, critical competencies and expertise to transform their own lives and communities. Given the economic situation of the community around where the university is situated, this degree program is appropriate and critical.

Expected Learning Outcome of the programme

At the completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Community Development Studies degree program, graduates should be able to:

  • Apply development theories, principles and rules in political, social and economic context;
  • Demonstrate skills in community Development, logical argumentation, and vigorous analysis of development principles.
  • Analyze the challenges facing Africa and the role of the community development professions in addressing them;
  • Formulate and defend a robust and thoughtful code of professional conduct consistent with the guidelines of the profession.
  • Communicate effectively on the development models relevant for the community at focus using appropriate terminologies.
  • Conduct effective community Development research which contributes and enhances community development, social advancement and economic trends knowledge base.

Credit Transfer

A student who has taken a similar programme in an accredited university may be allowed to transfer credits to similar units of the programme up to a maximum of 48% of the total units.

  1. No credit transfer shall be allowed for grades below C or a GPA of 2.0 on a GPA scale of 1-4.
  2. Credit transfers shall only be granted within the first and second years of study.  No credit transfers shall be granted in the third year of study.
  3. The student records shall officially be communicated between the Universities.
  4. The student must undertake the practicum under the University he or she intends to graduate from.
  5. Where a student is to transfer a course with a pre-requisite, such a pre-requisite must have been covered at the University where the student is transferring from.
  6. All core courses for the programme must be taken by the student in the University he intends to graduate.

Programme Duration and Fees

Programme Start Dates

Every January, May and September