Health Services at Lukenya University

Lukenya University has a fully operational clinic established in the University under a Medical Officer, Boniface Oguna. All students, both government sponsored and privately sponsored are eligible for treatment. There is a small medical fee paid as part of fees which is paid by all students and which is used cater for the services provided at the clinic.

The University Clinic provides health care services which include curative, preventive as well as rehabilitative services to staff and students. The Clinic keeps medical records of staff and students and also advises the University on health matters affecting staff and students. The Clinic, which is an outpatient facility, attends to both students and staff (together with their dependants) at the Main Campus. The clinic is fully manned by qualified, competent, experienced staff for health of all cadres. For emergency referrals and transfers, the University has understanding with relevant service providers.

Boniface Oguna - Clinical Officer

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