1.0 Introduction

The Circulation section is responsible for delivering and promoting effective library services to all its patrons.

2.0 Library Membership

2.1 Category of membership

Library membership is open to students, alumni, general public, non-teaching staff and academic staff of MMU upon registration or payment of Library membership fee.

2.2 Registration of members

All new students, administrative and academic staff shall be registered by filling a registration form after which a library card is issued.

2.3 Use and replacement of identity cards

Members shall use their personal student/staff identity cards when they visit the library.

2.4 Termination of membership and clearance

Registered library members who include students, staff, part-time lecturers and faculty are expected to clear with the library before leaving the university. 

3.0 Loaning of Library Materials

3.1 Loan Periods

Collection category

Member category

No. of items

Duration (in weeks)

1.     General

Teaching staff








Part-time teaching staff




Non-teaching staff



2.     Reserve

Teaching staff








Part-time teaching staff




Non-teaching staff




 3.2 Renewals

Items borrowed from the library may be re-borrowed for an additional loan period up to two times if there is no request placed by other library users/borrowers.

3.3 Damaged Books

Library members shall be responsible for returning books in good condition and will be charged for damages.

3.4 Reserve Books and Reminder System

3.4.1 Reserve Books

 Reservations shall be done at the beginning of each new semester. Teaching staff reserving books are expected to advise the circulation librarian when the reserved books are to be withdrawn from reserve



3.4.2 Reminders

 Reminder notices shall regularly be sent to library members holding books or having due fines.

4.0 Identification of Members

All library members shall identify themselves at the security desk by use of either library cards or student cards.

5.0 Lost items and overdue charges 

5.1 Lost Items

 All items not returned after two months from the due date will be considered lost.

The lost materials shall be recovered by charging members: Replacement cost, shipping cost

A non-refundable processing charge and accrued overdue fines

5.2 Payment of overdue fines

All overdue fines shall be paid in full before a library member leaves the university.

6.0 Lost Cards

 The current cost of replacing a lost Library card is Ksh. 500 which shall be revised from time to time.

7.0 Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

The Library Management system shall automatically suspend borrowing privileges when a patron has overdue material or fines.

8.0 Shelving of Materials

Resources shall be shelved in their appropriate locations according to the Library of Congress Classification scheme.


9.0 Binding and Minor Repairs

 Binding shall be done on quarterly basis within an academic year.

10.0 User Education/Orientation

The library staff shall assist patrons to retrieve information they require and new members shall not be registered before orientation.

11.0 Reference Collection and Services

These materials shall be identified with the prefix “REF” above the class number.              

12.0 Inventory

Stocktaking of the library collection shall be carried out on a yearly basis

13.0 Marketing of resources

All new resources shall be displayed at the Circulation display area before shelving and a list of the new items e-mailed to all library members.

14.0 User and usage Statistics

Statistics of all library users and visitors shall be taken on a daily basis to gauge usage of library facilities

15.0 Library Security

All library members shall be screened at the library entrance and show all items in their possession to the security officer before leaving the library. CCTV cameras and an electronic security system shall be installed to aid this process.


16.0 Work Study Programme

At the beginning of each semester, the work-study program co-coordinator in the office of the Dean of Students shall send a list of students to the library who will be evaluated at the end of every semester.

17.0 Access rights to the Library Management System  

The rights for circulation staff vary depending on the duties allocated.

18.0 Review of the Policy

This policy is subject to review to reflect any changes within the University academic needs. Review shall be done after every two years.



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