New Students’ directions to the University from Nairobi



Buses going to Mombasa From Nairobi

Y          Lukenya University is located 240kms from Nairobi or Mombasa.  Our entry point is Kambu town and Mtito Andei town on Mombasa road.

Students travelling to the university are advised to use the Mombasa bound buses eg. Coast bus, modern coast, mash bus And alight at Kambu town, or Mtito Andei.

It normally takes approximately 5 hours from Nairobi and Mombasa to arrive at kambu/ Mtito Andei.  IT COSTS APPROX 700 SHS . Therefore ensure you carry enough fare.

The university bus shall pick students from Kambu Bus Park and Mtito Andei Total petrol station. The bus shall pick students up to 8.00p.m every day from September 4th up to September 6th.

If you arrive after the bus has departed, kindly spend the night at Kambu town / Mtito Andei and do not attempt to proceed to the university at night.  The bus shall return the next day by 8.30 am

Students who opt to drive to the university or use other means should take note that from Kambu /Mtito Andei it is 28 kms off road to the university.

Motorbikes are available but charge up to 500 per trip.



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