Registration is the formal admission of a student to a programme of study, or research, leading to a degree of the university or to any academic award for which a degree or other approved form of qualification is a necessary entry condition.

Registration Period

The official registration period is one week. Additional time is provided for late registration which will attract a penalty. These times are on the academic calendar.

When and why to register

Students must undertake academic registration at the beginning of every semester in order to.

  •  Attend the course (programme of study). 
  • Allow for the release of ones loan from the Higher Education Loans Board / sponsor / awarding body (where appropriate). 
  • Confirm one is correctly entered for any examinations and CATs 
  • Enable one to gain access to their results. 
  • Use ones University email account. 
  • Obtain ones University Card / keep it valid.

What registration involves

  • On-line registration of Course/units (to allow the departments to settle the time-tables quickly),
  • Financial registration to allow your name to appear on the class lists (at least 50% of fee payment for New students and 40% for Continuing students).

Who should not register

Continuing students will be prevented from registering if they are on suspension or have been discontinued from their program of study.


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