If you scored a C plain, you won’t get a direct entry into university, but there are numerous marketable courses to pursue with this grade after which you proceed for a degree.

Here we provide a list of those courses current employers are enthusiastic about.

With a C plain, what you can pursue is a diploma course. If you were good in mathematics and sciences, there are obvious courses you would prefer, and if your taste was humanities and languages, there are also courses for you. 

  1. Diploma in Business Management-Lukenya University
  2. Diploma in Social Work and Community Development - Lukenya University
  3. Diploma in Food and Beverage -Lukenya University
  4. Diploma in Building and Construction - Lukenya University
  5. Diploma in Human Resource Management - Lukenya University
  6. Diploma in General Agriculture - Lukenya University
  7. Diploma Supply Chain Management (Procurement and Supplies Management) - Lukenya University
  8. Diploma in ICT - Lukenya Education
  9. Diploma in Early Childhood Development Educatiom (ECDE) - Lukenya University
  10. Diploma In Criminology - Lukenya University
  11. Diploma in Teacher Education - Lukenya University
  12. Diploma in Development Studies - Lukenya University

It is with great delight that I join Lukenya University today in celebrating their award of Letter of Interim Authority. This is an important milestone for our nation because we now have in our midst, yet another institution that will expand opportunities for university education.


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