Bachelor of Education (Science)

Programme Objectives

The general objectives of the programme are:

  1. To prepare teacher for an active career in all facets of professional Education;
  2. To develop the intellectual, professional and social characteristics of teachers to enable them to become responsible leaders within the school and the community;
  3. To develop the capacity of the teachers so that they should be able to teach effectively at the secondary school, colleges and tertiary levels;
  4. Identify research problems and design appropriate procedures for investigating and analysing them;
  5. To provide a basis for science Education training that enables the teachers to pursue advanced training in both professional and academic areas.

Admission Requirements

Candidates admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Education (Science) must satisfy the minimum entrance requirements of the Lukenya University. They must also satisfy departmental requirements before registering for courses in the respective departments. In satisfying the minimum entrance requirements of the University, candidates must have passed the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with the minimum grades against each subject as indicated below:

C+ in Mathematics
C+ in any of the following:
(i) Physics
(ii) Chemistry
(iii) Biology
(iv) Geography
B- in any of the following subjects:
Physical Sciences
Biological sciences

Alternatively, admission may be granted to holders of Diploma/S1 certificate in science Education from Institutions recognized by Lukenya University provided the diplomas are at credits and above.

Course Structure and Duration

Students may take two teaching subjects from the following areas:

  1. Chemistry;
  2. Physics;
  3. Mathematics;
  4. Botany/Zoology;
  5. Geography

The Faculty of Education and Community Studies offers Professional courses for the programme including:-

  1. Educational Foundations;
  2. Educational Administration, Planning and Economics;
  3. Educational Psychology and Counselling, and Curriculum and Instruction

The B.Ed (Science) Programme normally takes a minimum Period of four academic years. Each academic year consists of two Semesters. In addition, the students shall take twelve weeks of Teaching Practice during which they shall also carry out a project in one of their teaching subjects. The minimum CFs for the Progamme shall be 144 CFs.


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