Bachelor of Commerce

A degree in Commerce provides you with the scope to enter a wide range of business fields, reflected in the various majors offered within this degree.
The course of the programme is to achieve the following goals:

  • To develop an understanding of the general issues and approaches to business and management.
  • To enhance self-confidence and ability to critically evaluate business and management issues and develop solutions from the moral, professional and academic perspectives.
  • To develop a problem-solving attitude and business ethics in the practice of management.
  • To prepare the candidates for progression to higher levels of study.
  • To prepare candidates who can meet the needs of global business challenges.

Duration of the programme

  • The Bachelor of Commerce programme shall run for a period of four (4) years (equivalent to eight (8) semesters).
  • Each semester shall comprise of 17 weeks of which 15 weeks are for teaching and 2 weeks for examinations.
  • Courses shall be offered in terms of units, one unit being defined as a series of 45 contact hours.
  • The minimum number or course units will be 58 which is equivalent to 174 credit units (equivalent to 2610 lecture hours).
  • 12 weeks industrial attachment which is part of the programme.

Programme admission requirements

An applicant must satisfy any of the following minimum requirements for admission to the Bachelor of Commerce programme. Either;

  • Be a holder of KCSE certificate with at least a mean grade of C+ (Plus) and a C (Plain) in Mathematics and English or its equivalent. •


  • Be a holder of two principal passes and a subsidiary pass at A- level. • Or • A Diploma in Business related area from a recognized institution with at least two years working experience after training and a mean grade of C (Plain) in KCSE.


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