The 1st International Multidisciplinary Research Conference in Business, Education, Science and Technology

Lukenya University jointly with the South Eastern Bloc Universities (UMMA, SEKU, Garissa and Machakos University) welcomes you to the conference. The University embraces a Green Philosophy where green innovative technologies are used in improving everyday life. This is in line with Vision 2030 that aims at transforming Kenya into an industrializing, middle income country through three pillars: Economic, Social and Political. The Big Four Agenda: Food, Affordable Housing, Manufacturing and Affordable Healthcare for all, are service areas of the three pillars of Vision 2030 in which innovation is essential for provision of “green services”.

The main focus is innovations for efficiency and effectiveness while providing quality services and/or products to improve the wellbeing of consumers. For instance, to what extent has innovation been embraced in Africa and globally in investing and producing green services and/or products? Environmental friendliness can be viewed in terms of the way the service or product is, in the way it is prepared or distribution methods and the general impacts that go along with it. Additionally, innovations geared towards improving the quality of life; such as inventive practices in healthcare delivery and education, care about climate change and nature, biodiversity, waste disposal, reduced resource consumption and energy efficient systems among others are the key focus. There are challenges in achieving these targets. However, robust solutions are attainable. The Conference Committee invites authors to submit abstracts and full papers for presentation within the subthemes listed below.

Business and Economics

Education, Health and Science

Agriculture and Technical Studies

Climate Change Adaptation and Diplomacy

Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship

Enhancing university teaching and learning methods

Enhancing resilience in global food security

Interdisciplinarity of climate changes

Electronic commerce

Competency Based Curriculum implications in university education

Biodiversity conservation

Advances in climate change adaptation, law and policy

Data driven decision making

Changing attitudes of learners

Environmental restoration and climate change mitigation

Climate change and gender

Business intelligence

Role of education in character formation: Embracing values and morals in university education

Green science and technological innovations

Climate change and conflict management

Policy and strategy

Education and sustainability

Advances in blue economy towards environmental conservation


Terrorism and Business

Enhancing law and human rights in education


Open Learning, achievements and challenges

  E-learning in education    
  Educational engineering, science and technology    
  Health, Medicare and development in education    
  Library, transport, information, communication, record management and media in education    

Instructions for Submission of Abstracts

  1. Abstracts should be between 250 and 300 words, Times New Roman, 12 point in single spacing. They should include the title, subtheme, author(s) full name(s), institutional affiliation and email of corresponding author.
  2. The abstract should be factual and concise. It should state briefly the purpose of the research, methodology, the principal results and major conclusions. Include at most 5 key words at the bottom.
  3. Full papers submission and abstracts is ongoing. The full papers should have 3000 words, double line spacing, Times New Roman, MS Word and PDF, APA referencing style.
  4. Accepted papers will be published in the internationally renown Lukenya University Multidisciplinary Journal (LUMJ), ISSN 2663-3163.
  5. Send the MS word version of abstract and full paper to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registration for the conference

  • East African participants : Ksh. 5000;
  • Non- East African participants: $75;
  • Lukenya University Staff : Ksh 3000;
  • Lukenya University Students: Ksh 2000

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